LSM Diploma and Advanced Diploma are globally recognized. LSM validated MBA/MSc and LLM Degree programs are awarded by top partner Universities. MBA/MSc provides students with a broader understanding of business management, administration and leadership as they relate to the various functions and departments in a company. Students who complete a MBA are well prepared for a variety of business management and leadership roles.

Available Areas of Specializations:

  1. Business Management (MBA/MSc)
  2. Construction Management (MSc)
  3. Curriculum Development & Instruction (MA)
  4. Economics (MSc)
  5. English Language Teaching (MA)
  6. Financial Management (MBA)
  7. Health Care Administration (MSc)
  8. International Business Law (LLM)
  9. International Business Management (MBA)
  10. International Maritime Law (LLM)
  11. International Relations (MSc)
  12. Journalism and Broadcasting (MSc)
  13. Law (LLM)
  14. Management of Information Systems (MBA)
  15. Maritime and Port Management (MBA)
  16. Maritime Transportation & Logistics (MSc)
  17. Marketing (MBA)
  18. Public Relations (MSc)
  19. Social Psychology (MSc)
  20. Tourism and Hospitality Management (MSc)

Executive MBA Programs

  1. MBA in Tourism & Hospitality Management
  2. MBA in Health & Safety Leadership
  3. MBA in Education Leadership
  4. MBA in Media & Entertainment
  5. MBA in Global Banking & Finance
  6. MBA in Renewable Energy & Sustainability
  7. MBA in Social Work
  8. MBA in Innovation & Entrepreneurship
  9. MBA in Block Chain
  10. MBA in Project Management
  11. MBA in Human Resource Management
  12. MBA in Supply Chain Management
  13. MBA in Cultural Heritage Management
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London School of Management (LSM) is a specialized, globally recognized business school based in United Kingdom, with programs on different continents. 

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